SOULTHROW is an Alternative rock solo project of the Cypriot musician Constantinos Kontozis.

Constantinos was born in Limassol and studied Graphic and Advertise Design. He never took a single voice lesson and he is an entirely self-taught guitarist, bassist, pianist and drummer.
At the age of 22 he got into Audio-Production! His first real recording was a Christmas cover for Soundclicks worldwide song contest. He did a ska-punk version of the all time favourite classic "All I Want for Christimas" and he was one of the top 10 finalists.

The next musical "experiment" was the famous all around the internet "A Tribute to Anna Vissi". Four Anna Vissi covers, four different genres of music! He wanted to find out his limits as an audio-producer, instrument player and music arranger. From Metal to Reggaeton and from Hip Hop to Punk! "Dodeka" (Hip Hop - Dance Cover) and "Se Thimame" (Reggaeton Cover) became really popular in clubs of Athens and had a lot of radio airplay.

SOULTHROW participated in the Cypriot national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010! "Island of Love" (a home recording demo) was chosen between 90 entries by a seven-member selection jury and made it to the National final. Without a Record label or any promotional campaigns "Island of Love" took the 3rd place against well known artists.

Following the contest SOULTHROW had been approached by two big Greek Record Companies! A dream came true! Soulthrow went straight back to the studio!